Photo copyright Allister Roy S. Chua (2017)

“Remember we don’t live in a vacuum, but also that we live.”

Hi and welcome to my site! My name’s Allister Roy Chua (蔡明旭 Cài Míngxù), better known as Aloy.

I’m a life mentor, motivational speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and teacher from Quezon City, Philippines. In short, I’m an educator and businessman. But don’t limit what you think about what I do – or what you do. The time for boxing your identity in is long past – just focus on the impact you can create on others!

As a mentor and speaker

I’m the CEO and First Founder of The Daily You, an institute that empowers others to live a Truly Good Life. This is inspired by and built on the philosophy I came up with, a life of genuine Higher Purpose rooted in Awareness and Service. Our core service in TDY is motivational speaking-centered programs, collectively termed inspireD, where we offer workshops of varying length and depth. You can either simply experience a program, or invest in yourself to become a mentor like us.

Click here to know more about TDY.

As a writer

TDY began as my personal blog, which I am giving a reincarnation through this site. Besides having done writing projects in high school and university, I also write on my sites. I’m also writing a book that talks about the TDY philosophy in great detail, based upon my experiences in my life, also entitled The Daily You. Do please pray for my endeavor and success!

As an entrepreneur

While TDY will be the conduit for lifestyle products we are developing under its brand, I also have other businesses on the side. Iroseh Trading is my trading company where I distribute healthful, natural, and sustainable products, both those I resell and those I develop.

I’m also the co-founder of Roots Katipunan, a membership hub for entrepreneurs and doers, although I’m now a silent partner so I can focus on other things – such as this site.

As a teacher

I teach young students one-on-one Chinese, writing, and speaking, as well as general tutoring. I also do English/Filipino translation and proofreading, copywriting, copyediting, and typesetting under the Stylus Editing moniker. We’re formalizing and institutionalizing this as a center – keep praying for our endeavor and success!


Click here to view my curriculum vitae or portfolio.

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