START HERE: Living the Good Life Well

“The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.” -Chuck Palahniuk

So now you’ve come across this little corner of the World Wide Web, perhaps by chance, perhaps by hearing about it, perhaps because I told you so (hehehe). And the fact that you visited this entry means you may have decided to do a little prodding around here – for which I am very grateful.

Now I’m sure the question is now popping into your mind from all around: what exactly is TDA? What is living the good life well?

We all want to be successful in our own ways. A lot of us want to be rich and famous, living the glamorous life. Others feel fulfilled being loving and supportive parents to their children. These are good goals, because it means that you have something to strive for.

But what if I told you that we are all called to strive for something much higher – something that transcends everything we could possibly know about our world, our lives? And that striving for this, no matter how difficult, would bring true joy?

I – and many, many others in this world – believe in a higher being, and I call it God. This God of mine created existence itself, and allowed the perfect conditions for creatures like us to flourish and do things we never imagined before. And we abused this freedom and power to elevate ourselves to His level. But to God it didn’t matter, because His love for us overflows with no end – so much so that He sent His only Son to die in our place, so that we may have eternal life. Hence, as a sign of my gratitude, I try to live out my faith in everything I do.

In short, to live a life like Christ did is to live a life of love.

Look at an everyman’s attempts to live a life boiling with purpose; infused with citizenship, sustainability, and social responsibility; and sipped with love – all while doing the things he loves.

Open tips from the eyes of experience on how even the most mundane matters at home can be transformed into spiritual edifices of taking that first step towards social change and making the world a truly better place for all of us, all of its stakeholders – absolutely no one left behind. And having fun and being happy in the process.

“The biggest room [in the world] is the room for improvement.” -Frances Paola Doplon, M.A.

Value that no one is perfect, that we are constant, eternal students of life, never ceasing to learn and grow. Such is the journey being documented in this site – a continuous effort to live and improve the personal social responsibility life, and an invitation to imbibe its principles as well.

Elaborate your own thoughts and help build a network of ideas, thoughts, and perspectives – all in the name of learning and serving He-who-is-LOVE.

How can we do this concretely? Like, after I put down this computer, tablet, or smartphone, how do I start living the good life well?

Simple: by exercising personal social responsibility. And this entails being mindful and conscious of everything we do, however minute.

Personal social responsibility presupposes knowledge of and desire to live out Christian charity – Christian love, caritas – which itself presupposes ethical conduct. The very desire to do this is rooted in purposeful volunteerism – a passion for service, but channeled toward the right way (as we know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and this is something we need to watch out for). This is framed by the principles of good governance, and the desire and determination to create something transformative, something whose very raison d’être is to instill social change and development.

And, of course, this must be sustainable, allowing for the creation of a stalwart and genuine force of positive change that will persist long after we are gone.

We start small, and with ourselves. Even simply changing the way we treat others for the better, taking that extra little effort to conserve some resource, and respectfully and obediently following all the rules – these are all baby but crucial steps to living the good life well.

TDA provides practical ways and tips on doing this, sometimes in narrative form, sometimes in guidebook form. These usually fall under one or more of several categories listed on the menu on top. Of course, we’re meant to have fun while saving the world, so in between, there are other interesting goodies I’ll have in store. Hey, life and time are short, so we should make the most out of it.


What are your thoughts?

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